Healing the Healers
October 11-13,2019

Hotel Kriunes, Kopavogur, Iceland

We invite you to experience the future of healing at our best conference ever

There is as much art as science in wine making.
There is as much science as art in creating ceramics.
The art of healing goes beyond science.

Mast Clinic brings to you Healing the Healers, an annual multidisciplinary, multicultural international conference for those of us who care for others... healers, physicians, teachers, parents, children of elderly parents, therapists, artists... all those who give of themselves.

Healing the Healers is the place where you are given the opportunity and tools for finding what feeds your inner self and to get your own needs met.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of intriguing information that is brought to our participants via the extraordinary work of our presenters.

You will be introduced to effective, cutting edge, state-of-the-art research and practices from the highest caliber of expert practitioners who expand awareness from across the healing spectrum and from across the globe.

At Healing the Healers, it is possible to hear the often disregarded voice of what you, yourself, think. You hear it echoed in the words of our brilliant presenters.

You will enjoy teachable/educational moments throughout the conference to help inspire and refine your abilities. You may experience a paradigm shift in your own healing and increased function in levels of perception to motivate your own functional changes. You can move toward being the best that you can be! This is your opportunity to grow and share with like-minded people. Fulfill the dream of becoming the hero/heroine in your own life.

Remember: what we can accomplish together has no limits, except in our imaginations...

Come, join our growing global community of healers and feel the energy for yourself!

Healing the Healers should be known by everyone who is interested in improving their lives.

Rita Harrison. willow4u.com

Healing the Healers conferences have been described as life altering!


Johanna Atman, PhD
What stood out for me was the way each presentation was sharing more than teaching, and done with such generosity and lack of professional posture or ego. There was an implicit agreement that there are many roads to healing and no need to compare or compete. It is a rare gift to be at a conference where everyone comes from the heart, is open and present to something larger than their own particular focus, and so receptive to the full range of healing journeys. Thank you all for being so evolved in this way – what a special model for healing exchange, and deep gratitude to Jackie for creating such an oasis.

Rita Harrison (Willow System International)
In the family healing there is a saying: Everyone has a rightful place, that's just theirs, no one can take it away nor sit on it for us. But everyone feels its dynamic and its liberating power from inside out: It feels light when we all sit on our own seat and contribute to the whole. It's beyond competition.

Lindamarie Hill
this event brings people together and makes magic happen

It is my annual fix to meet the HTH people, charge my "battery" and know that I am not the only one thinking about things in a strange way and experiencing the world in a different way to my neighbours.

Daniela G
Thank you for doing this inspirational program and collecting open heart and mind people from over the world! You have to be very proud for what you did!
I am sure that part of my transformation is your program!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being in to your program I felt like ...HOME!
This was my purpose: to lessen, learn and transform!

The main thing which I learn and transformed me was that:
Are hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you from all my heart to all of you!
Once again
Love and gratitude from me

Healing the Healers changed my life!

Brian Dailey, MD
Why do I attend Healing the Healers conference every year? Is it the opportunity to hear and talk one on one with world renowned people like African Nigerian witch doctor Oscar Mokeme, holistic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Benor (founder of WHEE, a healing technique he demonstrated), John Wong CW,Transcendental Connection (brilliant healing session John), Reverend Dr.Richard Patterson (he will have you laughing so hard you will wonder if he does healing through Jesus Christ, or because "laughter is the best medicine". I have concluded he does both), etc. I met Dr. Harry Oldfield at the very first conference in 2005, when he demonstrated his then Polycontrast Interference Photography (the updated system is New Energy Vision), an imaging system of energy fields. He was able to image the energy fields of participants attending the conference. One was able to see real time the interaction and energy field change as the healer worked on a recipient. Dr. Oldfield and I developed a lifelong collaboration with myself traveling to his clinic in London and Harry coming to the United States. We used Harry's PIP system to do an 8 hour presentation at the ISSSEEM conference in Boulder, Colorado.

The opportunity for meeting wonderful people to network with is outstanding both with speakers and conference attendees. I am always amazed how much I learn each time.

"Like attract likes". Healing the Healers attracts some of the best people in life. I consider them the best friends one could have. It is not necessary to be a healer to attend. If you have an interest in learning, there will be many wonderful opportunities.
Brian D. Dailey M.D., FACEP, FACFE

Conference Founder:
Jacqueline Mast
Maine, USA

Jackie has organized international conferences in Maine, California, Puerto Rico and Iceland. She is kid whisperer, physical therapist, medical intuitive, expert: infant/toddler behavior and development. She owns MAST CLINIC, Inc, where love and respect for healing the spirit of infants and toddlers is as important as physical, cognitive, perceptual and motor development. She augments her work with intuitive healing practices. Member, Professional Division, The Monroe Institute. Fellow, American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine. Former Vice President, Section on Pediatrics, American Physical Therapy Association.