Healing the Healers
noon Friday September 18, 2020 - noon Sunday September 20, 2020

We are happily gathering a world-class group of presenters from around the globe to share their wisdom at Healing the Healers 2020

We will be listing presenters as they are confirmed:

Allison Guyton Schipper, California, USA
Allison is a trained drama therapist and is excited to share drama therapy with the Healing the Healers community for the second time. Allison completed her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Drama Therapy, at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She currently works for Calaveras County Behavioral Health, offering individual and group therapy for adults and children with severe mental illness, and is pursuing licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has worked with the re-entry community, with women in residential treatment with co-occurring disorders (and their children) and at a day treatment site for folks with severe mental illness in substance abuse recovery. She passionately believes in the incredible healing power of action-oriented therapeutic techniques and welcomes the opportunity to share this passion.

Empathy for Sleepwalkers

Allison will lead a drama therapy experience

Brittany Kleinschnitz,BA, California, USA
Brittany is a river. Most days she flows as a Naturalist, conservationist,
and photographer, at times channeling through writing, dance, tarot, and ritual. Brittany is currently attending the Humboldt State University Master’s of Social Work program, with a population focus on Indigenous and rural communities. Her objective is to find the intersection between healing trauma and healing the Earth mother, hoping to learn how to reestablish a cyclical relationship between people and planet. She is deeply interested in therapy, ecopsychology, environmental justice and education, and drawing from Earth-based ancient and contemporary wisdom to move toward a more harmonious, equitable, and cohesive relationship with ourselves and our Universe.

Mother / Earth

An experiential, intellectual, and emotional journey into understanding our connection to Mother Earth through exploring our maternal histories. Healing our connections to our biological Mother means healing our connection to the land. How can the Earth Mother act as a conduit for that healing and/or appreciation of the maternal relationship(s), and how can our creative/spiritual minds and bodies helpus develop those connections?

Donald Peck, California, USA
Don is a health coach, personal trainer and massage therapist. He taught in K-12 schools for over 20 years. He taught Digital Storytelling to At Risk youth. His focus has always been on enhancing well being for everyone. He earned his BA in 1986 from UCSB, his masters from SFSU in education in 2003. He has been helping care for his mother who has dementia for the last 3 years.

Care For Caregivers

Caregiving is a demanding and rewarding experience. Enhancing the well being of both giver and receiver is the ultimate goal. This workshop uses an experiential model to look at 7 domains of well being : Identity, Connectedness, Security, Autonomy, Meaning, Growth and Joy to maximize quality of life for the one being cared for and the caregiver.

Eileen Marshall, BSW, MSW, California USA
Elieen is a Certified Akashic Records Reader. She has retired from 35 years of professional practice as a Registered Nurse, overlapping 15 years as a Licensed Psychotherapist (or a combined “50 years" in professional healing roles) to devote the rest of her her life to her true calling as an Energy Worker and Spiritual and Life Coach, with a specialization in Akashic Records Readings. She finds that having mainstream education and experience heightened her desire to eventually break away from convention, and now finds great fulfillment in helping others advance their soul awareness and receive answers, especially within their Akashic Records. She is certified in Linda Howe’s “ Pathway Prayer Process".

Healing Lives on a Soul Level, Your Akashic Records

Every soul has a Divine Library containing all of the details of every lifetime, from initial incarnation to the present moment. When issues of the “self" do not resolve with conventional attempts for change, or unhealthy patterns keep repeating during a lifetime, or if one is questioning their path or find that obstacles prevent progress on a chosen path, the Akashic Records will reveal Truth behind this issue and provide a forum for advisement from Ascended Masters, Spiritual Teachers and Guides, from within this realm. The presentation will discuss the realm of the Akash, the process of accessing the Records using the Pathway Prayer Process, and discuss examples of Readings Eileen has done to highlight the profound impact and positive
change Akashic Readings offer.

Elizabeth Lipsius, California, USA
Elizabeth is a Classical Homeopath with over a decade of experience in practice, lecturing and teaching. She graduated from The Institute for Classical Homeopathy where she was the Clinic Manager at the free clinic in San Francisco. She also has over 20 years experience in healing and teaching Thai Massage, and Ashiatsu. She has studied extensively including other modalities like Tui Na, Cranial Sacral, Jin Shin Do and Chi Ne Tsang. She has 2 B.A’s from Syracuse University. She has traveled the world and now resides in Sonora, Ca in the Sierra Foothills where she practices at The Foothill Center for Holistic medicine and has clients on 5 continents.

Healing with Homeopathy in challenging times

Imagine a healing medicine whose goal is to remove limitations, so each person can reach their highest potential. An energetic medicine that helps bring individuals into balance and that is also in harmony with the earth. My presentation will cover, the recent National Institute of Health Study, homeopathic history, it's practice and some helpful tips for use during times of change with possibilities for individual and world healing.

Harrison Hunter Reid
Harrison is founder and CEO of Koohlah LLC

Pre-Healing: How to Eat to Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy

• Learn how food affects the body and which foods to eat to feel great all of the time
• Learn key actions steps to take home and take control of your health immediately
• Learn how to turn on cravings for food that’ll do your body well

Ingunn Thorsteinsdóttir, Iceland
Ingunn has been fascinated about healing and health since she was a teenager. She attended her first Healing the Healers conference when she was 18 year old. Ingunn has been a massage therapist since 2013. She has been doing ,massage in offices since 2016. Ingunn also helps horses via craniosacral therapy and massage. she is currently studying homeopathy.


The fascinating fascia and the role it plays in the body will be explained.

Johanna Atman,PhD,CMT, California, USA and Elizabeth Helms, RN, BSN, MATP, California, USA
Johanna has been serving individuals and groups through her business, Whole Life Therapies, in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in California since the mid-80’s. Her mission is to hold a space for anyone to embrace who they are, healing whatever needs to be healed in the process, through experiencing greater self-love and self-value, and personal life purpose. Healing processes for personal growth include transformational bodywork supported with flower essences, essential oils, breath work, meditation tools etc.

Elizabeth is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor. She has been teaching Healing Touch since 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay Area, Grass Valley and most recently Calaveras County. Prior to moving to the Sierra, Elizabeth had a private practice in Palo Alto and worked as a Healing Touch Provider for Stanford Cancer Supportive Services at the Integrative Medicine Clinic, along with being the co-founder and Associate Director of Healing Partners at Stanford University Medical Center.

Energy is Magic!

Healing and transformation through intention and energy – tools for your personal healing and clients, friends and family.
How to change your energy, reduce pain, bring balance to body, mind and spirit.

Laura Di Franco, Maryland, USA
Laura Di Franco is the owner of Brave Healer Productions where she’s built a powerful community learning to spread their message of health and empowerment. Laura has almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy and with a third-degree black belt and eight books, she has a clear preference for traveling fast and being badass, but she’s also the champion of small business owners who want to push their health-based practices to the next level. Through her Maryland-based business Laura offers inspiring speeches, workshops, a writing club and other services that help talented health professionals tell their own stories so they too can maximize their professional impact.

Using Intuitive Writing as a Healing Practice

Participants will enjoy guided body awareness and writing exercises that help them connect with their inner voice, helping them enhance awareness and overcome inner critic negativity, opening them up to a space and opportunity for discovery, exploration and healing.

Laura Fuller, Maine, USA
Artist Laura Fuller makes three dimensional stained glass windows and sculptures incorporating meaningful found objects, crystals, minerals and gemstones to create a personal narrative.
The work is imbued with the intention of healing. She has been doing this work for over 25 years and is primarily self taught.
Her large Chakra Windows are created to heal people just by standing in front of them, one doesn’t need to be aware of the healing. She drew from Carolyn Myss’s book “Anatomy of the Spirit" to make her first Chakra Window.
Each Chakra Window contains over 200 gemstones, minerals and crystals in a healing grid intended to clear the chakras and and affect the physical, emotional and spiritual systems, reminding all the body’s cells of perfect health.
Laura wanted to be able to lay on the windows to soak up the healing but, since you can’t lay on glass and stone, she had the image of two Chakra Windows printed on yoga mats; chakrad to practice on, meditate on and just lay on. The same healing intention is in the yoga mats as in her Chakra windows and are printed on the back as a mantra.

Intuiting Your Crystal Grid

Laura is bringing a small chakra window (that will be in the Silent Auction!) and stones, minerals and crystals for you to replicate making the healing grid- make the one shown then create your own! It’s amazing to feel the energetic changes in your body as you move the stones around. She is also bringing Chakra Yoga Mats to experience.

Lindy Grigel, MHP, PA-C, CCH Maine USA
Lindy practices Integrative Medicine with a specialty in homeopathy and pediatrics at FalRiver Health Centre. Her medical background includes thirty-five years of experience in Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Homeopathic Medicine.

Mandala as Metaphor

The course will use the metaphor of a mandala to illustrate the
interconnectedness between physical health and emotional well- being. The symbol of the mandala holds the space for combined teachings that are rooted in traditional and CAM models.
Through experiential learning and education in scientific research individuals will gain confidence, resiliency, humor and knowledge to facilitate personal health and healing.

Therese Martell-Bosshardt, USA, and Enid Webb, USA
Therese is the President of Empowering Steps, a Certified Educational
Trainer with The Institute of HeartMath™, Reiki Master and
Certified Life Coach. Therese has worked with Harvard Medical School, Phoenix Children’s hospital, University of Arizona, International Schools of Singapore, & Jakarta.

Enid has her MA in Speech Pathology and Audiology and is the President of Silver Linings Education. She has trained faculty in phonological awareness for the Santa Clara and Douglas School District. She has been awarded with Teacher of the Year distinction.

Celebrate Neurodiversity

Success is created by embracing neurodiversity such as Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD and Down Syndrome. At this presentation, you will gain a fundamental understanding of how learning and communication are directly affected by stress and anxiety. Optimal performance begins when you are empowered to discover your gifts by leading with your heart and dispelling fear and self-doubt.

Saturday night concert

Open to the public. It is complimentary for Healing the Healers participants

Thank you to the following people for all you have done behond the scenes to create the powerful experience that is Healing the Healers!
Anna Katrín Ottesen, Asta Price, Örn Jonsson , Dr. Brian Dailey, Charlotte Calvert, Dolores Mast, Erlendur Magnus Magnussen, Hjalti Freyr Kristinsson, Ingi Stefannson, Ingunn Thorsteinsdóttir, Jennifer Lague, Leda Mast , Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir, Lisa Mast, Margie Dailey, Michelle Neujahr, Pamela Quyle, Ryan Anderson, Shelagh Smith, Stuart Mast, Tara Kayton, Þóra Halldórsdóttir, and SO many others…
Please forgive me if I did not mention you by name; you are appreciated.