Conference begins at Noon on Friday, October 11 and ends at Noon on Sunday, October 13.

Presentations will be listed as they are approved.

Anna Katrin Ottesen, Iceland
Anna is a physical therapist who is interested in and practices a variety of levels of treatment to enhance body/mind/spiritual health and wellbeing for her patients
Slapping to enable smooth energy flow in meridians throughout the body

Binni Einarsson, USA & Iceland
Bowen healing therapist
Introduction to Bowen Technique
Bowen Technique with a blend of healing

Brenda Overweg, Netherlands
Brenda is co-owner of the Optima Health clinic in the Netherlands, She is naturopath, coach, nutritionist and medical thermographer. She is trainer and facilitator for Access Bars and is working with various modern medical technologies in her clinic.
Reset your Brain and Body Within 45 Minutes
Thanks to combining different methods you can experience live how the processors of the brain and body get a reboot like a computer.
Brenda will show how can your body and brain get connected again. How to get quiet in your brain again. During a live demonstration she and her colleague Maddy Devi-Homburg will show how you can reset your brain and body and help your self and others around you. It’s a combination of different existing and new methodologies which shown to be super effective and gets applied in her own clinic in the Netherlands (www.optimahealth.nl)

Brian D. Dailey MD, FACEP, FACFE, USA
Dr Dailey has been an integral part of Healing the Healers since its inception. He is a traditional allopathic physician and laser surgery engineer who practices integrative medicine in addition to Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. Dr Dailey has practiced Energy Medicine and Healing throughout his life. He is a traditional Ushui Reiki Master and practices a wide range of modalities including Cranial-Sacral, Crystals, Acupressure, Essential Oils, Sound Therapies, and others. Dr Dailey is a member of the professional division, board of advisors, and board of directors’ emeritus of the Monroe Institute, which is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness. He is involved in research at the Monroe Institute in the use of sound in producing enhanced states of expanded consciousness, and along with Biofield Imaging of Human Energy Fields, teaches a 6-day course in Energy Healing with Allyn Evans MBA, RMT. Brian & Allyn formed Energy Medicine Squared to bring Energy Healing Experiences around the globe on all continents
The Latest and Greatest in Biofield Imaging

Darlene Benton,MS,LMT, USA
Darlene is a daily practitioner of the techniques she will share in this class. With over 20 years as a full-time body worker, utilizing techniques and practices gleaned from Masters for her own self-care, she enjoys life as an active and robust therapist, teacher and community activist.
With over 40 years as an educator and student, she enjoys helping people realize their potential and regain their Magical Spirit.
Movement, mindfulness and Manifestation
Enjoy this interactive, deepening experience to increase your vitality, mindfulness, strength and flexibility. Participants will enjoy ancient healing practices including Qigong and T'ai Chi and learn to apply them to everyday movement and self-care activities. Balanced walking, sitting and standing techniques will be shared and the use of mindfulness in breathing, thinking and movement will be incorporated. The techniques in this class will enhance your daily work and activities, manifesting more joy and freedom in your life.

Hayo Bol, Netherlands
Hayo is a Dutch Naturopathic practitioner since 1995. He is specialized in natural medicine, hormonal treatment and bioresonance by Cyberscan. His approach toward the human being is grounded on two pillars: mind over matter and treat your body like your best pet ever. He is convinced about preventive medicine and found, in the last 10 years, new ways to get this done. If you see how the dots in life get connected, you know how to act. Hayo combines life coaching with natural therapy and will talk about how to strengthen yourself, because the only one who is responsible for your life is you.
For Ever Happy
How to overcome the lack of serotonin, the master hormone creating happiness in the body. In a perfect world, with a perfect body and a wonderful working gut, everyone is happy and strong with boosting one's self with serotonin. Unfortunately, that world does not exist. But Hayo has found a way out to boost the hormone system through a full wholistic approach.

Ingunn Thorsteinsdottir, Iceland
Ingunn has been fascinated about healing and health since she was a teenager. She attended her first Healing the Healers conference when she was 18 year old. Ingunn has been a massage therapist since 2013. She has been doing ,massage in offices since 2016. Ingunn also helps horses via craniosacral therapy and massage. she is currently studying homeopathy.
The fascinating fascia and the role it plays in the body will be explained.

Jason Michelle Patterson,MAEd, LMP & Jessica Delos Santos,LMP, USA
Jason is an intuitive energy healer, massage therapist,
photographer, artist and teacher. Jason easily connects into galactic, multidimensional and elemental realms to bring in Light Language for activations, upgrades and healing. Light Language, sometimes called
Soul language are sound frequencies (when spoken) that comes from Source unlocking codes that are buried deep in one’s DNA.
Jessica is an intuitive massage therapist, channel for the Divine Feminine collective, Sisters of the Rose
Jason and Jessica are practicing out of Seattle, WA USA.
Awakening To Who We Are
Through their interactive presentation, take a journey through guided meditation and Light Language activations to re-discover who you are at the soul level. Get a glimpse of your expansive multidimensional self and then creatively record your discoveries.

John Wongcw, Singapore
Founder of Transcendental Connection
Scientist, Healer using natural remedies and a medical mystery for his remarkable miracle recovery from paralysis and blindness
A Course in Transcendence: Fractal Universe
The journey and criteria to co-create new outcomes

Mary & Gary O'Brien, Australia
Mary & Gary O’Brien are channels for the energy called DZAR and are best-selling authors from Australia. They show people how to collaborate with energy to remove blockages and to integrate spiritual knowing and wisdom into everyday life using their unique models of understanding called The Bridge of Collaboration and the Energy Reflects Energy Code.
From Healing to Wholeness...A New Energy Paradigm
As a healer, you are more than just a conduit for energy. You are a generator and collaborator that enables the physical body and mind to experience the energetic Wholeness that is never diminished. Learn about the shift in healing energies that is occurring that deepens the changes possible for clients while nurturing practitioners. In this interactive channeled session you will have your questions answered and also experience a powerful energy transmission from DZAR that will open you to a new level of energetic connection and healing and Wholenessing ability.

Marta Stothers, Canada
healer, poet, shaman, mother,world traveler, drummer, woman of peace
Marta inhabits the space between worlds where change is not only possible but inevitable. For Marta, writing is a curious combination of alchemy and sweaty hard work so she avoids it whenever she can! But sometimes the stories need to be told
Wisdom of the Ages

Martin Möhrke, Netherlands
Martin is naturopath, international speaker, and investigates medical methods and medical technologies in the regular and alternative medical field. He is advisor and supplier of different technologies and supplies and trains different clinics worldwide. He is European resource coordinator for the FAIM Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine ww.faim.org. He investigates since 5 years the field of cannabis and cannabinoids and works together with various professors in developing medicines out of cannabis.
Cannibus and Cannabinoids: how it can benefit you
What is in the plant and for what purposes and how can it help you?Cannabinoids and the body own endocannabinoid system. The body needs cannabinoids to function properly. Which cannabinoid can we use for what. How will the future look like with cannabis based medicine? He is manufacturer now of various cannabinoids www.optimacbd.com and www.optimacbg.com

Martin de Witte, Netherlands
Martin is Emotietherapeut/Emotion Therapist. After serving 38 years in the royal Netherlands Air Force, he retired as a Lieutenant colonel from service in 2010. at the end and after that, he became an enthusiatic practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) helping clients to quickly heal from their emotional problems.
One Common Factor Explaining the Great Effectiveness of Both EFT and EMDR: how to solve the distortion of someone's inner sense of time, caused by emotional trauma
The scientific explanations for both the effectiveness of both EFT and EMDR differ and are not very convincing. In this presentation, Martin will offer an interesting brand new theory with a surprising common factor on why these two trauma therapies are so effective and a hypothesis how to prove it. in addition, he will present a new insight on how trauma may result in the severe distortion of someone's sense of time (as if time stood still) and how to recover from that.

Dr Rick Patterson,PhD, ThD, USA
Pastor/Teacher/Healer, real estate investor, professional private pilot
Transitional Manifestations
Understanding:( 1) The World Around You (2) The World You Choose (3) The World Inside You (4) The World You Can Change. Moving from your Awakening to becoming Limitless!

Rineke van den Berg, Netherlands
With the statement 'who heals is right' Rineke builds a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine and diagnosis. Rineke travelled to the Shungite Quarry in Karelia, Russia. Her feelings and expectations about shungite proved to be true.
Shungite, Journey to the Original Field
Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous natural stone of organic origin. It is often called a miracle stone or stone of life and a healing mineral due to its astonishing positive properties. Scientists say that the mineral is approximately 2 billion years old and its existence began long before life existed on Earth. Thus, it has been accumulating the energy of the Earth for thousands of years.
Could it be that life on Earth arose out of shungite?

Rosa Richter, Iceland
Psychotherapist, Art Therapist
Rosa is a licensed psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist. In accordance with her dream of making effective trauma treatment available to more people in need, she developed a group trauma treatment protocol combining EMDR and expressive arts therapy. This method allows for deep trauma processing in a safe and creative environment. Alongside her private practice she organizes trauma healing retreats in nature, workshops and lectures.
Early Attachment, Codependency and EMDR

Þóra Halldórsdóttir, Iceland
Qigong instructor
Þóra has been training Qigong for many years and has Instructor Certification from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming at YMAA. She has been leading Qigong classes for the Icelandic Cancer Association as well as groups in Hæðargarður and Korpúlfar, which is a group of senior citizens in Reykjavik.
Qigong with the group



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